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South Africans Divided When It Comes To Helping Zahara|| See What They Now Say About Her

It looks like it is becoming a habit that people who become successful in life and even become famous, especially those in the entertainment industry are always asking for fur money. We have seen many artists struggling with money and this is after they have been successful and they had a lot of money. We have seen this with soccer stars who became broke after their career.

When it is all good, they use their money whichever way and they forget to do some savings as they splash their money around. Some have even found themselves living in the back rooms like school kids because of failure to plan. The importance of having a financial adviser when you have reached this stage can never be emphasized enough because now people become a burden on others.

We know that Zahara is the recent artist who is now asking for donations from South Africans. Now ordinary South Africans have to dig deep in their pocket to help her so that she can not lose her South house that is worth a million while they don't even ken a house. However many people in this country are suffering the same fate but no one is helping them. Some even end up sleeping on the streets because their houses have been repossessed. But because Zahara is famous, people have to donate to her. Donating for someone who once had money but did not do the right things.

It seems like South Africans are divided on this mission of helping Zahara. Some are saying that she should be helped and people can donate what they can while some are saying that she should not just sit back and wait for handouts from the people. She should go out and make money like she used to. Just one concert will be enough to get her going rather than sitting and waiting for people to donate to her.

On the other hand, some are saying that she should go and ask for help from her celebrity friends because they are the ones that she ate her money with and not the public. Now those friends are nowhere to be found. When days are dark, friends are few. Instead of waiting for handouts, she could just sell the house and buy a small one that she can afford. Now she wants to live high maintained life with the money of the people. Or better yet she should just go back to the Eastern Cape, buy land, and build an affordable house until she gets back on her feet. People no longer have pride. Going out and asking for money when she is well and can be able to make even more money is just an indication that people want the easy way out.

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