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Meet The Lady Sido Had An Agreement With In #MinaNaweHouse

Meet The Lady Sido Had An Agreement With In #MinaNaweHouse

Ladies, marry a man that can protect you even from his own family. It's very important. #MinaNaweHouse.Season fenale of #MinaNaweHouse were hot as we see Manana and Sido walked out of the show after Somizi mentioned "Agreement ". Somizi was a hostar of #Minanawehouse 

Twitter commenter "Barry took it to twitter where he revealed "Agreement" that has agreement with Sido. She is the lady Sido had an Agreement with. You can see why manana is always upset when her name is mentioned. They came to a reality show about fixing relationship problems now they are mad.

Sido and Manana are in agreement when it's time to gossip about other couple's problems. When it's time to talk about their problems they disagree and decide to walked out of the show.

Girl is cutter than her that's why she's always unsettled every time she reads contracts. Manana is still gonna be upset because Sido is still going back there. That’s why they got so uncomfortable when "Agreement " is mentioned.

They think they are better than others those itseela ko godimo thata! Why did they even bother coming to the show if they didn't wanna be told the truth. That’s how you can see that there’s a huge problem between these two. Unspoken feelings and incidents

She didn't do it every episode. Precious fixed her relationship and today she's happily married to her wife. Sido and Manana were talking about other couples week in and week out instead of addressing their issues

And you can see Manana is a weakling, depression will attack her very fast as a result of living under sidos shadow, she isn't her own person. They had big stinking attitudes towards other people's relationships and now lithe spotlight is on them and they can't handle it.

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