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In Sh0ck: Mother Drags His Daughter To Reya Tsotella As She Suspects She Has An Affair With Her Man

Children are often complicated as they grow up, hence a parent has to intervene and guide them throughout. But it becomes a sad experience when parents get into beefs with their children.

In a recent Reya Tsotella episode, a mother invited her husband and daughter to the show to speak out on her suspicions. According to what she had said and what Bishop Makamu catched up on is that 'she suspects that her husband and her daughter are having an affair'

Above all things, she stressed that her daughter is too close to her stepfather. She said that he even loves her more than his own children. However, the husband denied all the allegations. He told Makamu that the daughter was raised by him, hence they have that close relationship.

Making the matter worse, the daughter revealed that the mother often beats the father up. And Bishop Makamu asked her what she does when they fight, the mother responded that she takes his fight and fights her.

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