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Mokgadi Want To Bring Meikie Down But See What's Going To Happen

Meikie loses her marbles over the declaration of an unexpected observer. Clearly Mokgadi end up being an observer. Mokgadi tore down Meiki on the stand and Meikie was irate to the point that she said Mokgadi didn't suit to be Leeto's significant other. Mokgadi is an obsessive liar, she truly needs to see Meikie out for the count due to how still Leeto dealt with her.

Celia is stressed over how her and her better half are abusing Alfios after all that he has accomplished for them. Celia needs to take care of Alfios while Magongwa declines. Alfios and Magongwa at long last came into terms. 

Meikie is as yet feeling great since her odds of being free are high. Today John Maputla will affirm, despite the fact that is difficult for him it seems like he has decided to affirm on favor of his Wife. Joyce appears at the Maputla's during breakfast just to bast Meikie's air pocket. Joyce claims she came in light of the fact that she needs to help her sibling at court today. 

Melita actually doesn't accept Denis when he informs him concerning the Transnet trick, Denis had recently advised her to go report the con artists at the police. At the point when Melita went to the police headquarters she got a call from the con artists telling her she'll be reached soon, so Melita actually accept she'll land the position. 

Bontle informs Mfundo concerning the Scam, Chef khodi caught them and he snickered Bontle all over and furthermore said she's stuck at Rovuea bistro for eternity. Bontle paid application expense and clinical charge all in absolute she it was a strong R1500. Not Lehasa messing with some old animosity. 

Bontle simply needed to continue on with her personal business, she needs to improve her life, she doesn't want to get stuck doing just one work. Lehasa anticipate that she should stay in one situation for the remainder of her life acquiring the peanuts at Rovuwa. 

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