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DJ Lamiez Shows Her Bad Side on Ungrateful Rude Fans - Mzansi Will Not Forget This Easily

Lamiez Holworthy is one of the country's top female DJs, and she continues to capture hearts with her deejaying, personality, fashion, and relationship objectives with Kuli Chana.

The TV host claps back at hateful trolls. Fans report that celebs are nasty when approached for photos. Celebrities work hard. DJ Lamiez blasted rude fans on Instagram stories.

When asking for a photo, be respectful. She said people shouldn't thrust telephones in her face since she's not a monument. "GREET, then ASK. He tells unruly fans, "Don't stick your phone in my face like I'm a monument"

Lamiez isn't the first to face this. Jessica Nkosi of The Queen also ordered her fans on Instagram. "Let's respect each other... Come to me and demand a photo. None of the above. Please respect each other. Thanks, she said.

I will call you to order and tell you that was disrespectful. DONT BE RUDE I hate rudeness,” she said. Jessica takes photos with fans, but she wants to be appreciated. "And yazi, I seldom say no to pics, so i'll take one with you but... respect. "I'm a respectable person."

DJ Lamiez stands up to haters, and we love it. She's not afraid to retaliate against body-shaming trolls.

This came about as a result of the fact that she recently shared a picture of herself wearing brown shorts, a white blouse, a black jacket, and black shoes, which prompted a catfish account to claim that she is actually a man disguised as a woman.

In response, she lashed out at her fans and said she was at ease in her own skin. Women of all sizes follow me for this reason. Little girls look up to me because I'm self-confident. Daily, I'm body-shamed, bullied, and urged to be a bigger person. Le nyile ge!

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