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" They sleep around for money"-Lady drags onlyfans content creators.

A lady is being dragged on twitter for calling onlyfans girls prostitutes. Pauline says they sleep with rich men for money. She says they only advertise videos on their pages as a front. People are dragging her, they told her to mind her own business. Others called her judgmental and fake.

" Onlyfans is prostitution. Those people do not only take videos and pictures. They sleep around for money." She tweeted.

"At least they are not hiding their source of income unlike you who had imaginary 50ks and millions left by your late parent while you were borrowing money from our friends on WhatsApp." Said @ApheleleJody.

"There is nothing wrong with that. Onlyfans is just prostitution that went to Harvard University just like Slay Queen." Said @ToryceSa.

"Sex work is work. I just don't understand why in this instance the business provider is shamed when they're providing a service to a customer." Said @Naledi.



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