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Did Thando Just Call Siyacelas Girldfriend ugly

Thando Calling Siyacela's Girlfriend Ugly And Old Woman 

Source: Hashtag #IsencaneLengane Twitter page 

Source: MojaLoveTv Twitter page 

Thando has recently called Siyacela's Girlfriend Ugly and elderly person while her sister in law MaBongi called her monstrous and unique with Thando. She left mzansi off gut when she said regardless of whether she would wear feeble she will in any case looks monstrous. 

Siyacela has never sees to suprise us. He truly did disillusioned everybody. Siyacela has truly disillusioned us. I'm likewise frustrated in what he just said in public TV. To believe that he has grown up yet just to find that his charlatan. Everytime this show comes on I want to hop through the television and giving a thumping to Siyacela. 

Thando merits preferred sweetheart better over Siyacela. How might Siyacela would need tobtake second spouse without addressing his better half. Since base in culture he should converse with his better half or somebody grown-up from the family. We are glad that the family even Thando's family has admitted that he doesn't have the foggiest idea how to addresses individuals. What's more, Thando's mom has additionally uncovered that he doesn't pay attention to anybody even his dad he doesn't pay attention to him. 

Thando has recently uncovered that Siyacela brought s new van which she speculate that it has a place with his better half who as of late got payout. It's miserable that numerous watchers has been frustrated at him more exceptional his activities. 

Thando has become more experienced every day as we keep on watching. She at long last considers the to be of him as she's presently in any event, considering leaving him. She announce that there could be at this point don't cherish on the off chance that she can remain it implies sje would imagine. Bueatiful, Smart, Bright that Thando and afterward she wedded by moronic and insolent kid, I mean she should leave and return home and spotlight on her investigations and be fruitful, "autonomous lady are more alluring". 

"I'm simply going to hold back to complete secondary school then, at that point, I will leave. When I leave, I will not return." - Thando 

Siyacela dis disillusion us and Thando as well as his dad and the remainder of the family. He may be underhanded yet what he did is unsuitable. Not Dlamuka saying Siyacela is willful, he takes after him. Young ladies take notes ,dont scramble for marriage,maturity assumes a significant part here.

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