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"Big Zulu is Beautiful", Here Is How Big Zulu Responded To Mr Smeg.


04 Decemebr 2021

If you are familiar with Twitter you must be familiar with a man who always carries kettles and compliments everyone who has looks. Although it is not understood whether a social media who has created fame for him and called Mr. Smeg is complementing people because he means it or he is doing it for clout.

There are always trolls who claim that Mr. Smeg always paves his way by dropping a 'someone is beautiful' line to celebs. Even though there are no clear claims supporting but such claim appears to be true. If you remember well Smeg complimented Natasha, Samke, Thuli Phongolo, and later shot his shot. It is normal, yes, those ladies have looks and anyone would shoot their shot given that the opportunity presented itself.

This time around, however, Smeg pulled a stunt that no one expected.

"Big Zulu is beautiful", he said

See the picture that he attached.

Although he might find it not weird to say another man most people found it a bit unacceptable to call another man beautiful as it is normally accepted that the phrase is used only on women.

Mr Smeg has changed a game by pulling this stance. "Here we are led", a social media user commented complimenting Smeg for not being fearful of what tweeps would say.

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