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TLB is the most respected machinery now in South Africa.

A business man called in an Excavator and TLB to demolish a house he built for his girlfriend after she broke up with him.

Few days ago TLB was trending after a video which went viral on social media. Apparently a guy who is a business man hired a TLB to destroy a house which he built for the girl friend.

It is assumed that the girl was cheating. The social media was and still buzzing about what happened.

Yes as expected ladies didn't understand the guy intention but as for guys they are praising him for such decision.

This champ is too focused, instead of killing her, he took what belongs to him. We are not saying women must be killed but we are raising this due to high Gender based violence around our country. Many women are getting killed for cheatings and other reasons.

Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesars.

At times this is worth soothing your soul, some girls can be so inhuman barbaric, heartless. But hey..its all case are judged on its merit.

My last point is dont beat or kill her...I repeat no matter what do beat or kill her. We don't have an right over anyone's life .

Guys are saying no more GBV instead TLB is the way now.

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