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It's gloves off as broke retired actor attacks Cassper's mother

It's gloves off as broke retired actor attacks Cassper's mother

While you're here, please follow me.

Poverty makes people do the most horrendous things for clout. Ever since Cassper Nyovest fought Slick Talk in the boxing ring, more and more public figures have decided to settle old scores in the ring as well. As it stands, Cassper is scheduled to box Naaq Musiq sometime in March. Those who are gatekeepers of how things should be, feel that Cassper is in no position to reignite boxing in South Africa because he knows nothing about the culture around it. Others use these excuses so that they can leech money off him and reclaim their lost relevance.

Patrick Shai is a struggling south African actor who prides himself in being at forefront of GBV, by healing perpetrators and overall healing society from the disease that is abuse. He caught social media off guard after he shot a video directed at Cassper Nyovest. In the video, the old man is chanting a disturbing mantra with a group that is explained to be his team. They all chant, "Go, go son of a b.tch" and he goes on to claim that he is challenging Cassper to a real boxing match, igniting the spirit of Baby Jake Matlala and other real boxers. This reels Cassper because this old man has no reason to involve his mother in his get rich quick scheme.

In retaliation, Cassper tweeted:

Who the is that old man and why is he calling my mom a b.tch? Why does my family have to be disrespected like this? This is too much now!!! God, please help me, I can't take this abuse anymore. @casspernyovest

A few comments dismissed Cassper's anger but I feel that it's justified. The man could have challenged Cassper without attacking his mother. Especially because he is such an advocate against abuse.

I've lost respect for ntate Patrick, that was very wrong of him to say that. So disappointing!! @HermaineM

I’m so sorry. That video is so crass and violent & unnecessary & attention sorry @MsMasasa

Thoughts? Could this be harmless pre-boxing talk?

Thank you for reading. Please leave your comments in the comments section below.



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