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Ndlovu, Normia Rosemary Is she faking it or she's a fantastic actress?

The lady of the moment Normia Rosemary Ndlovu can be voted to be the actress in Mzansi. She has scored the title of Drama Queen. Following all the Live court cases, she has portrayed 2 sides to her personality. She can either be faking it all or she is a great actor. Her behavior, when she is put under the hot seat would deem her to be called unstable or she is trying to play the mental illness card.

To make matters worse, she denies all the allegations laid against her. As a former police officer, she must know best and not to waste state time and resources. Most of the questions she was asked she will claim not to know what they are referring to. During one of her court cases, Ndlovu disputes alleged hitmen's version of events, and claiming that she was never in the supposed area.

Each time, the Prosecutor Advocate Riana Williams would question her about her late boyfriend, Maurice Mabaso, she will pull the, "I am hungry, I want to drink my pills". One time during the proceedings she burst into tears and claimed to be hungry and ill when questioned about her murdered boyfriend and live in lover Maurice Mabaso.

Doing a follow up on the case proceedings, a lot of people in Mzansi think that she is wasting state time and resources, they must just sentence her already her behavior is atrocious. She doesn't deserve the attention she is receiving. The former officer, surely deserves an Oscar Award, the only time she bursts in tears is when the lover is being mentioned, could she still be in love with her murdered boyfriend or its tears of regret. With all the crocodile tears that she is displaying, does this former Police Officer deserve sympathy from the masses, should she be given to go for psychiatric evaluation. Surely 1 or 2 screws are not right up there.

She surely deserves an Oscar for the best serial killer horror movie. What is your take Mzansi, with all her fake emotions and fake acting does she deserve sympathy.

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