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Congratulations to Mamlambo from Uzalo as she is expecting her first child.

Hi everyone, welcome to another one of my short articles about the one and only Gugu Mbatha, now let us get to it.

Congratulatory messages pour in for the Uzalo actress Mamlambo also known as Gugu Gumede. A lot of people were not expecting this, she has suprised a lot of people by revealing her pregnancy.

After she shared this on her social media a lot of famous people sent in their congratulatory messages to her, even Mamkhize, Khanya Mkhangisa, Phindile Gwala, Sneziey Msomi and DJ Happygal were in the comment section. Indeed congratulations to her, a child is a blessing and she should be as happy as she is.

These were the comments from her fans and followers after she posted her pregnant picture :

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