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Divorce Affair

Dj melzi cheating allegations are driving mzansi crazy, but are they true?

Cheating is something that has become so common in today's society, and it's taken as another thing to laugh at when someone gets to experience it. Cheating should not be normalized and it seems that it is lately.

We have seen so many celebrities cheat on their girlfriends or boyfriends, and it is always dramatic. It is sad to see people who we look up to leave each other over cheating allegations, although sometimes these allegations are not true but cheating is always something that ruins relationships and good people.

Well, recently DJ melzi who is a South African musician, entrepreneur and forex trader has been faced with cheating allegations as a video of him has been surfacing the internet. The video is of him dropping off another girl who is alleged to be his side chick, pictures have also been surfacing of a girl posing next to dj melzi's car and it's said to be the same girl he was dropping off in the video, bare in mind that DJ melzi is in fact engaged to be married to the young South African influencer Andiswa Selepe.

Well, people have said that the girl that dj Melzi was dropping off could have been his cousin of a friend, but people who know the girl, and these are people from the same neighborhood as the girl dj melzi was dropping off have said that she is indeed seeing DJ Melzi and apparently another forex trader as well.

We don't know how true these texts are, but at the moment it seems to be convincing that, the young DJ might actually be cheating on his fiance.

Andiswa put out a post on her Instagram story, saying that she wants nothing to do with the situation and people should stop involving her. Honestly that is not something you would expect hear from someone who has just been cheated on. Could it be that we're jumping into conclusions? Could it be that dj melzi is innocent?

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