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Somizi Mhlongo's Little Girl Bahumi Madisakwane Has At Long Last Changed Her Family Name To Mhlongo.

The film-creation graduate has been longing to use her paternal family name directly following using her maternal family name for as long as she can remember.


On Mhlongo's unscripted TV show "Partaking in an astonishing presence With Somizi" she told her performer mother, Palesa Madisakwane, that she expected to use her father's last name.

Palesa was not convinced as Mhlongo had not yet paid hurts for their young lady. She furthermore referred to that particular regular traditions should be performed before Bahumi could change her family name.

In any case, it seems, by all accounts, to be that Bahumi has purportedly changed her family name. Her Instagram name is right now Bahumi Mhlongo.

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In last week's episode of "LTDWSomizi", Palesa uncovered how Mhlongo's family treated her when she was pregnant with Bahumi.

She said she didn't understand that Somizi was gay, and when she let his family in on that she was pregnant, they encouraged her to give them the kid and go on with her life.

"Exactly when I went to address Somizi's mother and his sister, I review Somizi's mother saying, 'My child, you can see how Somizi is. He isn't similar to other young fellows. Give us the young person and occur with your life," said Palesa.

Palesa and Mhlongo created to have a sound friendship to raise their young lady. Without a doubt, even at Mhlongo's wedding, Palesa was accessible, and now that he's going through a detachment, she continues to help him.

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