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Mr Mamba was left speechless after seeing Boniswa without her uniform

Mamba has been smitten the first day he set his eyes on Bonisea AKA Lizzie and now he is making it clear that he is into her,his daughter on the other hand really want the two to be together so she helped Boniswa to cook Mambas favourite dish as she knew that Vee wont be around but out with her friends.

The mission that Boniswa came to accomplish looks like it wont be accomplished anymore ,she is already focusing on the other side ,her feelings for Mamba is what will ruin everything. But as much as Mamba is a very dangerous man,when the truth finally comes out ,he wint hesitate to forgive her .

For the first time in his life, he is able to enjoy being at home and not being asked about beautiful clothes of dresses that Vee always ask ,this makes Mamba to enjoy Boniswas company even more. When Boniswa denied joining him for dinner because of her uniform, Mamba then asked her to go pick any dress in Vee's wadrop. The moment when Boniswa came in,Mamba was speechless, he ddnt know if he should talk or keep quiet ,he was surprised by the beauty he was seeing .

The two will eventually get married ,after all Aya need a stepmother who is considerate like Boniswa not Vee. They will be a power couple and we can not wait ti se that unfold. 

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Bonisea AKA Boniswa Mamba Mambas Vee


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