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Xrepo: A man gets his furniture back from his abusive ex-girlfriend

PXrepo is a show on Moja Love that helps people get their belonging is back. Hence the name "XRepo", meaning to repossess. They help in cases where the police had failed and in most cases there is a happy ending. This week Robert became the focus of the show.

His story was moving as he recounted his tumultuous relationship.

Robert claimed he started dating a woman for ten months and during that time she became increasingly abusive towards him. She would take his card and give him pocket money like a child. She disregarded him a lot and tried to keep furniture that she had paid for. The case was quite upsetting

Mr. X was able to help with tons of resistence on the other side. But I couldn't help butnqodner how many men don't realise their relationship is toxic until they reach breaking point. There needs to be more information ready available for men to consume and take this more seriously.

Social Media Response

One viewer wrote, "Men are also being abused in some families, but societal values made it to look as a joke if they speak about it #XRepo"

While another viewer wrote, "#XRepo Robert is been abused by his former girlfriend who threatens his life for wanting his assets and possessions Men are also victims."

A final user observed, "#Xrepo They not even married but the girlfriend takes the bank card and gives him pocket money like a school child this is abuse tjo."

Obviously men are abused as well by their female partners. However, I've noticed that for the most part its women who come onto this show to get help to return their things. I'm just glad Robert wasn't mocked for being a soft man.

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Source: Xrepo on Moja Love DSTV channel 157

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