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Gogo Skhotheni: Tumi Claims That This Is Her Third Husband, See Here

Now, there are certain things that people just have to know about and it has been evident that people have actually given this a show a chance to prove that it is what they really want to see.

A lot has been hard to explain, it is even hard to tell what Tumi's intentions are because of how everything has played out.

Surely, there is some interest to know what she is about, we know that there are actually people who are going to watch the show till the last episode of the season.

As some people know, there is so much that has happened already in the show and there are things that had some people asking questions as it usually is the case.

After the latest episode, people had interest to know about the statue that was seen outside of Tumi's sacred hut.

It is a weird looking statue and because Tumi is a Sangoma, she was bound to be asked about this, people have also noticed that she loves it so much and she asked people not to judge her.

She said this in a video, she also mentioned that she is nothing without the statue, without it, she is broke and dumb and this obviously led to some assumptions.

Maybe Tumi might have to explain what she meant when she said that she is nothing without the statue. This might be taken as some sort of a joke, but there is a reason why she said it and there is something else that she addressed.

It turns out that there is someone who asked if the statue was Skhotheni and Tumi mentioned that she will not be able to reveal the name because of witches.

She mentioned that the witches would use the name for other purposes and that was clearly not what she wanted.

Another interesting thing is that the Sangoma referred to the statue as her third husband and again, this was questioned because it seems like there is a lot that we do not know about this statue.

And it is a bit surprising that there are people who are still interested in the show because some people have complained about how it is no longer entertaining.

It seems like people cannot deny that they enjoy what they watch, Tumi keeps them asking questions. What do you think about this? Please share your thoughts. Go to for more on this.  


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