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Pretty Did Something Secretly That Hurt Lehasa Deeply

Pretty Did Something That Hurt Lehasa Deeply

Nothile made a valid point, Lehasa was beyond rude. Pretty's family could have easily been hesrs and he would have reacted the same way. When people show you who they are, believe them. Lehasa is always rude. Viewers hate his attitude towards people. He thinks that a lot of people are beneath him. 

This is the storylines that have little to no conclusion. Most of them just end abruptly and they're so desperate to make Lehasa the villain he's not...he's just an arrogant and rude boy. At least Nothile saw Lehasa's true colours when he was speaking to the Seakamelas. Nothile reminds me of the quote “when people show you their true colors believe them”she really saw through Lehasa. Lehasa should treat people with respect irrespective of their status. 

I like how Phomolo is trying to drive a wedge between Lehasa and Nothile. Lehasa pulled that Laptop out as if it had proof that he's not the father of Pretty's unborn baby, that time it's just an article of MaNtuli. Lehasa is full of games. Nothile is a lady. Some woman would have been impressed of how Lehasa treated Seakamelas but not her.

Flashbacks showing us that MaNtuli has always been too hard and unfair to Pretty and that’s why she ran into Lehasa’s arms. She never experienced love from her parents. Her mother always abusing her verbally. Her father doubted her peternity. Then she met Lehasa who spoilt her with everything, telling her how beautiful& special she is, something she never heard from her parents .

Lehasa is trying to fix a relationship with nothile and his child is getting aborted tomorrow by the time Lehasa decides to find out if that baby is his or not, it'll be too late.

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