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Inno Morolong Runs After Being Sue'd

Cyberbullying is everywhere and it is becoming normality, well I say it has to stop. Most people are suffering because of it, suicides come from here.

Inno Morolong may have gone too far with the cyberbullying she was doing to Gigi Lamayne, she then decided to make her feel the heat and serve her with the cease and desist.

It says " Immediately cease and desist from posting any further offensive and defamatory statements, materials and/or videos concerning our client on any platform, including but not limited to social media;"

"Immediately remove or delete all such offensive and defamatory statements, materials, and/or videos that you have posted which makes reference to our client specifically the videos on your Instagram account and other social media accounts;

Inno decided to deactivate her Instagram account so that she can live her life in peace after she allegedly threatens to release porn tapes too. but there is a backup page that is busy being shedding to Gigi Lamayne even after she was served and people believe that Inno Morolong is the one who's behind that Inno Morolong backup page.

I have to say that Inno Morolong deserves what Gigi Lamayne is serving her and she still does what she's not supposed to do, that is disrespect all on its own.

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