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Prophet Sbu Mokoena Is Gifted or Uthwele People Are Asking

The people's prophet Sbu Mokoena is an extra ordinary prophet more like Zee World in real life. The man have a powerful calling to see the past, present and future. He is aiming to change millions and millions of lives. He is the man of God who pray for people who are sick, struggling and Bewitched. He have the power to fight of demons, spells and jinxes. Because for us Africans there's a lot of black magic, powers of darkness and spiritual warfares. Not to mention the generational curses we are given birth under. Evil ancestors and bad bloodline consumed by the spirit of jezabel through jealous and bitterness. Witchcraft is real and he exposes the witches live through his congratulations wherever he is. He have products to fight of demons, open luck and cleanses ones blood. He is the breaker of chains, Prophet Sbu is a chosen man of God. Some people are even jealous of him and his gift and tell stories that uthwele. I believe he is natural and the man of God with an amazing anointing to perform Wonders. With his catchy Bible qoute "What is impossible with men, it is possible with God"

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