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Man singing Amapiano in English goes viral on social media (Watch Video)


When God says yes everything goes according to plan. A man signing Amapiano in English has left social media talking. On a video he is heard using English to sing a song that has never been using before. What people couldn't believe is that man looked jobless with a great talent.

The video was shared on Facebook by Blessings Ramoba. Within minutes his talent reached a lot of people who have never heard such a talent he brought to the industry. On the video his friends can be heard rejoicing to his song while recording to share with the public.

After sharing the video without any that the man will trend. This is what social media had to say after listening to his song. Singing his heart out to the love of his life. Using English as his vocal instead of his mother tongue.

Below are comments shared on Facebook, don't forget to share, like and follow for more content. Talent lives in South Africa all that people need is record labels.


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