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Nandi Blames Mantuli For Sfiso's Unemployment | Skeem Saam

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Mantuli is still on her road to recovery. The past few weeks have been the most hectic for her and the rest of the family. Sfiso has lost his managerial position and job at Cafè Rovuwa. He abandoned his duties to attend to what Mantuli had been going through with the whole paternity issue and then the shooting.

This is expected of any family member who cares about their loved ones.


The negotiations between the Maputlas and the Ntulis have gone well and instead of it being a joyous time, despite the fact that there won't be damages paid in monetary form as per Sfiso's expectations - his wife is aggrieved.

She is not aggrieved because the negotiations went the way they did. What has gotten her in that state is that she actually blames Mantuli for Sfiso's unemployment.

Sfiso got dismissed after having gone to attend to Mantuli's drama.

Do you think Nandi is being fair enough to blame Mantuli for her husband's dismissal?

It is true that Kwaito was the one who helped Sfiso to get that job, and how he has lost it is pinned on Mantuli by Nandi, is that the right way to go about it?


These questions are asked considering the fact that, Sfiso lost an opportunity to get shares from the Cafè because he was dismissed before the share distribution process was announced or had even commenced. Does Nandi have the right to blame her sister in law for what her family is currently going through? Is this the case of "Had Mantuli not hidden the fact that Zamo is a Maputla, we wouldn't be here?"

How do you think Mantuli react to being blamed for her brother's current financial state and employment status? Will it push her to seek going back to her house?

Do you blame Mantuli for what has happened, from the paternity secrets to the job loss? is she really the right person to blame?

Let's watch, wait and see.

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