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Mzansi's Left Stitched After Couple That Recently Got Married Were Caught Walking On People. (Watch)

Mzansi Is Left Stitched After Couple That Recently Got Married Were Caught Walking On People. See Their Pictures

Source: Fact Zambia2 Facebook page

Mzansi were left stunned after seeing beautiful couple that recently got married. Mzansi could not help but to gush over the couple. It's always a dream for every person to get married to their best husband and wife and we have nor witness the love of this couple who had a beautiful wedding. The could had their beautiful wedding and everyone is already talking about their wedding. Their pictures is currently circulating in social media, leaving many people with mixed reactions.

One of social media user took it to social media where he shows how other cultures workes. We all know that when it comes to cultures we cannot blame one for doing things in their own way. We recently come this newly married couple walking on people who recently got married. According to the source this couple are from Tanzania and they recently got married. This couple got married in Tanzania tradition and since then their traditional rules has been questionable.

Mzansi have reacted to the couple after hearing that they are practicing Tanzania cultures. Many people could not believe that the couple are from Tanzania just as beautiful as they are. People are finding it hard to believe that in Tanzania after the wedding the couple walk on people. Many people have out their thoughts saying that it's impossible after the bride's were seen wearing heels.

It's not the time we hear that the couple do something after the wedding ad it's their cultures. We are also aware about the other cultures that the couple had to jump the broom after the wedding. Jumping the broom represent something in their cultures although we don't know what it means.

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