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Isencane Lengane: Siyacela buys a mini cooper

Isencane Lengane: Siyacela buys a mini cooper

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Siyacela bullies Thando and his father week in and out. No one can tell him anything because if they do, he always manages to fill them up with his stupxdity.

Recent pictures circulating on social media show Siyacela flaunting his new car! The make of the car shows that he will need to relocate since it's not meant for gravel roads! A few people have suggested that he is planning to move to Durban because he did mention how he enjoys Durban than the village he lives at.

On social media, he managed to upset viewers with his condescending nature as always. Most have actually noticed that his respect for Thando is deteriorating, likely to result with him getting physical with her in future!

My question is whether he used both his and her share of their money from the reality show.

Siyacela bought a new car. Last time he bought a car he left Thando at home, with no explanation, for a month💔 #IsencaneLengane

#isencanelengane as times go by Siyacela will be a very abusive man 😪🤚He will definitely hit Thando for telling him the truth 🤚

#isencanelengane last we fought for Thando only for her to forgive this sthupethu easily,

#isencanelengane uSiyacela is manipulative, gaslighting, cheater and emotionally abusive. He's gonna damage uThando

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