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4 Celebrities Who Have Removed Their Ribs To Achieve Their Dream Body Goals & Fame. See Pictures

4 Celebrities Who Have Removed Their Ribs To Achieve Their Dream Body Goals & Fame

We come learn that anything is possible with sciences. Science have made it possible for people who have money to live the way they want to live their life. Sciences has made most things possible over the years especially in the field of beauty. People don't have to go to the gym to work out and achieve their dream body goals, rather they just have to undergo few surgeries for it. It takes a courage and a lots if money to do this.

Here we look at some actresses who under go surgery ro look beautiful by removing some of their ribs to achieve their dream body goals and fame.

1. Jennifer Pamplona is a 29 years old popular Brazilian model, actress, and Instagram celebrity who has acquired more than 1 million supporters after she eliminated a portion of her ribs to accomplish her body objectives. 

As per reports, Jennifer had 30 medical procedures which included rib expulsion since she needed to look like Kim Kardashian who was her good example. In any case, she has come out this year to admit that she laments her choices and encouraged ladies to stay away from such things. As indicated by her, she has spent more than 500 thousand pounds on medical procedures attempting to look like Kim Kardashian.

2. Princess Shyngle  

Princess Shyngle is originally from The Gambia, this curvaceous actress lives and works in Ghana. became popular over the world after she took the risk of removing some of her ribs to achieve a very tiny waist which was her dream body. Princess Shyngle has had five of her ribs and her small intestines removed. She hopes to further remove five more ribs, as well as, her large intestines. She describes her hour-glass look as a work of art. She later revealed that she actually underwent surgery to have some parts of her ribs removed in order to get her ideal body shape.

3. Sophia Vega 

A TV reality star on a quest to have “the world’s tiniest waist” has reportedly had ribs removed to achieve her ideal look. Sophia Vega is a popular 34 years old German reality TV star who decided to go under the knife to achieve her body goals by removing some of her ribs in the process.

German-born Sophia Vegas, who was born Sophia Wollersheim, flaunted her unique ultra-small midriff in a black mesh bodice. Sophia Wollersheim has had four ribs removed in her bid to get the world's tiniest waist.

4. Amanda Lepore

Amanda Lepore is a popular transgender American dancer and model who claims that she has the most expensive body in the wood because of how much she has spent on her surgery over the years.

Lepore even had her bottom ribs broken and pushed in as a way of making her waistline appear smaller and her hips broader. For that procedure, Ms. Lepore traveled to Mexico because she wanted her bottoms rib re-modified because she wanted to make her waist smaller. She had her bottom ribs broken and pushed in by a Mexican surgeon.

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