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SZA's new single 'I hate you' makes a rage on Tiktok.

SZA, a 32-year-old songwriter and singer, is well known for producing the best hits yearly and she always makes the best music videos in history. She released a new single 'I hate you' anonymously on SoundCloud account. Days later, the song went viral on Tiktok. People started making videos including her song like any other songs being played. Little it did know that it will make people rage out of their feelings.

People started using the chorus 'and if you wonder if I hate you, I do' and express their feelings. They confronted people who violated them in their past like rapists, backstabbers, scammers, kidnappers, drug abusers, and so forth. This is their way of dealing with emotions and after each video goes viral, they post part 2 of their stories through videos. This, however, is making her song get more views in an unexpected way.

This showed awareness to people that there are many untold and unsolved stories about people's sufferings. People haven't moved on and healed from past events and they need help. They still choose not to break the silence and will always roar and pour their unfortunate events through videos as a remedy to heal, while that does not help in healing. Which song is next?

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