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Sthoko from Skeem Saam cries with her twin sister Millicent. Death was never friendly, see reactions

Millicent Mashile, an actress and YouTuber, is mourning the death of her mother-in-law. She shared the terrible news on her social media sites. "How do we say goodbye to you while we're hurting and broken?" How? We're having a hard time. She wrote, "You promised to be there to greet your first granddaughter."

Millicent expressed her condolences for her mother's suffering. She stated that she hung in there during her worst moments because she didn't want them to hurt her. Nothing could have prepared me for the shock of your death... I could see and feel your maternal affection. Thank you for bringing me into your house 11 years ago, not as a daughter in law, but as a daughter in love. I've always thought you and the lads exemplified grandparent-grandchild love.

The actress ended her emotional post by wishing her mother-in-law good luck. She stated that she would tell her daughter how hard she had to fight in order to meet her.

"The youngsters are enamored with you. I'm still not sure how to tell them you've left. When I look at them, I feel weak. Mommy, you can rest assured that we shall love you until the end of time. We already miss you. I'll tell your granddaughter how hard you worked to meet her, but I'm sure she sensed your love every time you patted my belly."

"6 months ago God put a big smile on my face," Millicent said when she revealed her pregnancy a few weeks ago, thanking God for the blessing. We are excited to share that we are expecting our third child. "To God be the Glory, I feel very blessed," she wrote.

She stated at her gender reveal that she did not anticipate a specific gender. "To be honest, I didn't set any expectations," she stated. Because I wanted the experience to be authentic. I wanted to be as happy whether it was a boy or a girl because a baby is a blessing.

"I adored my gender reveal," she said, thanking her twin sister for making it special for her. My day was enjoyable. It's as though I've only recently discovered that I'm expecting. And it was made extra wonderful by my sister. I'm overjoyed that my hubby is content. To be honest, I believe that if you have two boys, you must also have a girl. So they had that stuff, which I didn't care for. So for me, it was like, I'd be fine even if I had a third boy.


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