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Wealthy Businessman Demolishes The House He Built For His Ex Girlfriend

A wealthy businessman did the unthinkable after his girlfriend, of years, broke up with him.

When a person is in love, they want to go all out for the ones that they love, in order to show them that they are loved and appreciated. Well, a well known businessman bought his girlfriend a house when things were still great and they were still in love.

Things changed, their love died, and she broke up with him. Hell hath no fury like a man scorned, after she broke up with him, he hired TLB to demolish his house.

Obed Ngomane Mshika posted the picture of the house, before it could be demolished, on her Facebook account. She captioned the post, “This house was demolished today at Kamagugu. A Famous businessman built it for his girlfriend. The lady decided to end the relationship and the guy came with a TLB and Excavator. Yadliwa iteam.”

Men were really proud of the man. A lot of women thought that it was unnecessary for him to demolish the house. He could have just kicked her out and sold it.

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Obed Ngomane Mshika TLB


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