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Rockville: Buhle Enjoying The Soft Life. Forgetting About Gogo.

Lol Buhle is Smitten by the Luxurious Paradiso, Our Farm girl is a gone.Finally gogo will eat after hearing from Buhle. Not JB giving Buhle a Diamond handkerchief.

What Lindi did with JB and Dudu is the same thing Buhle is going to do with JB and Lindi.For someone who was kidnapped ubuhle is too trusting of men around her. If Buhle works for JB she’s going to be a problem having fights all the time about clients

Hahaha "Yes ngiyakuthanda" Oupa though telling a girl you love her in front of your Mom when you haven't told her when you were together.The look on Mavis face when Oupa says he loves that reporter - priceless.Oupa already calling this girl his wife while she is just using him to get to JB and Lindi.

Why is Sipho always screaming at the hotel employees?I'd really like to know why Trevor Gumbi keeps yelling " Shut Up " to the receptionist who NEVER! says anything to him.

Baby, i think you should do the heist.Its the only way we can get rid of this man Capone-Lindi.Lindi is smart fishing for info from Stellina about the Heist.

Journalist to guy:What did you witness

Guy:The bomb,the car ratatatatata!

That journalist is going to be a problem to JB and Lindi.She saw the cameras.

Buhle is ready to risk it all for the soft life.JB played saviour with Lindiwe while he was married. We all know how that turned out. Now he's playing saviour to Buhle?

Why would you beg to become a prostitute, remember she's been asking to go home... Now suddenly she wants to make money before going home? Naaah Buhle is working for K.

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