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VIDEO: I am tired of Amapiano DJs playing the same music

This man is tired of the Amapiano DJs. He says all the Amapiano DJs are playing the same music over and over at one gig per night. All the DJs who are booked in one venue and playing Amapiano will play same music all night long, and it is not interesting.

He wants the Amapiano DJs to be serious about their work and stop playing the same music. They are not getting new music, and when he is in the groove, it does not feel as much as it should be because they keep listening to the same music. What he is saying about some of them is the plain truth.


Most of the action is happening in the specific genre of Amapiano. Other DJs play different music every time they are on their sets. Some of the house DJs keep playing their long-time released music, but it is not the same as Amapiano, with the same music from all DJs.

According to this man, they should make sure that they are always playing good new music so that people do not get bored. When the audience is dissatisfied with you as a DJ, you will not have fans who want to see you perform. It is about entertaining the audience.


Maybe they will have something different next after they have seen the video or read the article, about why their audience is not happy when they are listening to them DJing. All the big DJs are playing different music every time they are at their gigs.

He said those DJs who are playing the same music in one gig have learnt their DJing skills on Tik Tok, and it is a short cut to learning to DJ. They have not learnt the proper way of the craft, and they should take a full course, so that they will be equipped with all the right skillset.


He continued to make more examples with a cabbage, but other people did not like the examples he made. He is told not to use the cabbage example and should respect it because it is something very important when it comes to January. The story of the January is about not having enough money for groceries.

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