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Jobe London Breaths Fire After Death Hoax & False Claims That He Has Cancer. People will Pay

Jobe London is breathing fire after a death hoax and false claims about him having cancer went viral. It's not something new for celebrities to be declared dead while they still alive. People tend to be insensitive and forget that these celebrities are also humans who have real feels.

Jobe's lawyers, Azania Legal Advisory and Consultancy have issued a warning saying that going forth they will take legal action should anyone spread fake news about their client.

"After a thorough consultation with our client Thabang Thanyane, known professionally as Jobe London, it is apparent that conscious and legal issues were beached during the spreading of romours in relation to a false death reported through various social media accounts".

"Although it is commonly known that our constitution provided for numerous freedom of speech or expression it should be duly known that despite the freedoms certain limitations are curtailed, it is therefore common understanding that such freedoms should be limited to the extent no application may result in the damage or harm of another's personality or character".

"Henceforth, clarity and discretion shall be applied before any false commentary is expressed, it is, therefore, our clients intention to ensure legal action in future should any individual or entity lodge defamatory comments."

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