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Finally Zulu Royal Family Rebels Exposes The Reigning AmaZulu King

A faction of the Royal family has been against the coronation of Prince Misizulu as the new King and many have been wondering why, now the cat is out of the bag their reasons are now known to the public.

King Misuzulu is not as smart as we all thought. During the reading of his late mother's will Queen Mantfombi, the lawyer read the will and said he must be the heir if he does not want then any of his brothers can be. This is a clear indication that his actions were an abomination to many members of the Royal family including his mother. We know that men have illegitimate children in many places but King Misuzulu had children with his current wife and another Princess of Amaphondo, a sign that he can hardly keep his zip closed.

Now the Senior Royals have been against the Prince being coronated at the next King for reasons relating to his behavior. The following are some of the reasons they are against him as a King. King Misizulu according to sources has made her two cousins pregnant we do not have any information on what sex the children are. A house helper is like a family member once a mother hires someone to work in the house that individual becomes part of the family, but the King considered her mother's house help a partner whom he had an affair with and ended up having a child with her.

King Misuzulu is said to be a reckless drinker he is weak to Booze so much that he knocks out and forgets important appointments. Be a King is a big responsibility and as the Zulu King he will have important visitors who will visit and he must represent the Royal house soberly and stably. But according to sources, he drinks himself to a stupor. Many people have been wondering why the delay now the cat is out of the bag. Yes he may be the Prince his father nominated but because his behavior is bad the senior royals do not agree, maybe to make matters better they should have taken the other Princes born to Queen Regent Mantfombi Dlamini-Zulu.

Now many will come to understand the reason behind the senior royals' refusal to coronate Prince Misuzulu as the King. Some may say all of us have an ugly past and that must not be a hindrance to other things, as people change. As human beings, we make mistakes that stay with us forever but all those without sin must raise their hands. As it is the faction is looking to coronate Prince Simakade who was born by the late King out of wedlock are they correcting the late King's mistakes by doing so, because his mother is not among the late King' Queens but someone not even at the Royal Palace.

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