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Road Accident

3 Hollywood Stars Who Almost Lost Their Lives On Set

Making a film necessitates a great deal of effort, sweat, and devotion. Many actors are injured or killed on set, calling into question whether the cost of entertainment is worth the risk. 

1. "The Expendable "lll" by Jason Statham.

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The worst that could have happened is Statham driving a three-ton truck at full speed. Jason had to leap out of the car before it crashed into the sea from an 18-meter drop. Because the vehicle door had been removed for filming, the actor was able to flee in time. Statham would not have survived this terrible calamity if it hadn't been for his incredible swimming talent. 

2. "Police Story" by Jackie Chan"

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Jackie Chan isn't normally terrified, but this time it was well-deserved. Hundreds of lightbulbs exploded when the actor climbed onto a metal pole and began sliding down. Despite the fact that the prank resulted in severe burns, the day was far from over. The actors opted for "sugar glass" rather than the standard "stunts" glass, which turned out to be much thicker than intended. Jackie Chan shattered his seventh and eighth vertebrae and dislocated his pelvis when he flew through the glass. That had to be agonizing. 

3. "Back To The Future lll" by Michael J. Fox

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Michael chose to make one of the moments in Back to the Future 3 more realistic. The situation at hand is when his character is ready to be executed by hanging. The actor made the decision to kick the box out from under his feet and hang himself for around 30 seconds. Before he understood what was going on, Robert Zemeckis was on the verge of choking. 

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