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Tamia Mpisane opens up about bouncing back after pregnancy and dstv awards

Tamia Mpisane speaks about bouncing back after having a baby. Tamia Mpisane gave birth to a baby girl Miaandy in May. Pregnancy and giving birth takes strain on a woman's body, there are so many changes that happens to a woman's body during pregnancy and after birth, "It's either you struggle to lose weight, or you lose way too much weight" Tamia Mpisane said.

Tamia Mpisane shared that she was so depressed after giving birth because she was one of those women that lost too much of weight after giving birth. Tamia shared that the time she had to go to the DSTV awards, her confidence was at zero. She said she hated everything about her body and her daughter was just 6 weeks old at that time. Tamia Mpisane said that people on social media made fun of her and compared her to other people, but she just had a baby only a month before the awards. Tamia Mpisane said that she was grateful for a good support system such as her husband Andile Mpisane, her friends and family who always encouraged her to be patient and not be too hard on herself.

Tamia Mpisane said that she has finally bounced back and is now feeling confident and like herself again. Tamia said that she now looks good and feels good. Fans asked Tamia Mpisane how she managed to get to her prefect weight, she said that it just came naturally after she stopped breast feeding baby Miaandy.

Tamia Mpisane looked extremely gorgeous during her pregnancy and after giving birth, her pictures looked so beautiful but it's only now that she opened up about not being happy with her body. Tamia was seen as one of the best dressed from the awards but little did we know that she wasn't feeling confident. Which is why it is always important to be kind to people.

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