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“A leopard eats by the means of its spots”Winnie Ntshaba:Zodwa The River [Opinion]


Winnie Ntshaba who is famously known for her role of Khethiwe on the Telenovela Generations,ever since that role she was not easily forgotten.Infact she is one of the few rare breed of actresses who become inseparable from their characters or roles.She might not recieve the honour that she deserves for sharing her gift with the whole world, but that doesn’t take away how effortlessly she brings out the characters that she portrayes.If she has to portray a villain that would be hated by her fans she does that effortlessly.

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Winnie Ntshaba has proven time and time again that she is versatile.She natures the character and brings it to life she is indeed gifted.She is authentic and genuine most importantly respects her craft and fans, by making sure that she nails each and every character that she gets to portray.She is loved and hated for her role of being Zodwa on the telenovela The River.It is really fun to watch her bringing out Zodwa to the fans and making her relevant to everyone’s family aunts who are like Zodwa.See the Link below

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Winnie Ntshaba never disappoints her fans.From being Khethiwe, MamNgidi,MamLihle,Zodwa,Mrs Faith Zwide the list is endless.However all these roles are different from each other and yet she manages to pull them off.She deserves to be celebrated as she is an example of black child you can do it.

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She is a hardworker she’s hosted Royalty Soapie Awards for the 5th year congratulations to Winnie Ntshaba.This is a perfect example of someone who thinks out of the box and expanding her territory and yet being true to her self.There are people who seem to be called for the entertainment industry and Winnie Ntshaba is one of them.

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Let us give Winnie Ntshaba a big round of applause for her versatility and for her consistency in all that she does.Indeed she is a queen that is worth being celebrated for what she does.

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