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Meet Beautiful 20-Year-Old Triplets Making Waves as Models.

Any mother would tell you that their child is a major blessing in their lives. Now imagine a mother who has 3 children at once, that's a triple blessing!

Triplets are always a show stopper because it rarely happens and its amazing to look at three people who almost look exactly alike. Its fascinating to witness and makes a lot of sense why these triplets are trending so much as models right now.

The triplets are not only beautiful but they have a beautiful story that will inspire anybody who reads it.

The triplets are Tomiwa, Toni and Tomisin and they are social media influencers and models. Their page has over 50k followers on Instagram. When you look at their photos closely, you will notice that two are the same and one looks a different. According to them, Tomiwa and Toni are the identical two and Tomisin is the other one who is a little different.

The triplets lost their father when they were aged 2 and the story surrounding their birth was heartfelt by many when Toni shared it on social media.

Toni wrote their story on social media and in short, she said that when their mother was pregnant, at first she was only expecting one child but she got worried when her belly got bigger. So she went to the hospital for a scan but it kept on showing that she was pregnant with just one child.

5 months later, she went back to the hospital and they told her that she was pregnant with twins which came as surprise but overall relief that her babies were okay.

So she started buying two pairs of everything. Same shoes, same clothes and all, however when she was due, which was 8 months and 3 days, the doctor told her that she was going to deliver three babies.

So there was no clothes for Tomisin, the last child and they had to buy her clothes in a rush.

But the biggest question was why the doctors didn't see three children during the pregnancy scan?

Apparently Tomiwa and Toni look the same because they shared the same placenta while Tomisin was in her own placenta. Which is why doctors couldn't tell the exact number their mother was pregnant with but overall it's a beautiful story.

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