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UthandoNesthembu: MaNgwabe Leaves Viewers Confused After She Decided To Do This

Two weeks ago, we got to see a different side of MaNgwabe, one would say that she has been acting differently, she seems a bit more matured now and as you might have guessed, people were still on the whole issue about her, supposedly being tired of the polygamous marriage.

But, if MaNgwabe really felt that way, then things definitely changed and this is because she has been happy recently, she might actually be able to make some time for her husband, Musa.

The thing here is that, a lot of viewers thought that MaNgwabe would consider pulling out of the marriage. However, this might never happen and this is because she has revealed that she will be giving Musa a child.

You might remember that, in the previous season, Musa had talked about having a baby with MaNgwabe and obviously, at that time, she had a lot on her plate.

Her promise was that, she would not mind trying for a child, but she still had things to do, but she is free now and things seem to be going well for her.

On the recent episode, she went out with her friends and she was very happy as one could tell, she is done with school. What that means is that, she will get time to go out more with her friends and spend time with her husband, we will see how that unfolds.

On the next season of the show, we might get the opportunity to see the new addition to the big family of the Mselekus. For now, it may seem like viewers will be seeing a happier MaNgwabe and that is if there will not be any misunderstandings between herself and Musa.

One thing that we have seen when it comes to the both of them is that, they get along, but for some reason, they clash a bit sometimes.

As for the viewers, they were quite confused after watching the latest episode, they really thought that MaNgwabe would want to leave the marriage. And this is because of the things that she said to Musa, she actually expressed herself, Musa probably understood where she was coming from.

They are in this together, what matters is that they are on the same page, if they are good, then this makes it easy for the marriage to stay healthy.

If ever, there is a strain on MaNgwabe's side, then the other wives will most likely feel it too because Musa might vent out to them and that becomes a problem.

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