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Isencane Lengane viewers proud of Thando for finally saying she wants to leave Siyacela

After 2 long seasons of torture as the viewers of the show would rightfully describe the show, it seems as if Thando has finally gotten a wake up call and the seen the boy for what he truly is.

Isencane Lengane has been announced as one of the most watched shows on DSTV.It came out in the top 5 along with The Queen and even surpassed Diep City.The show is really nice that we can give it but it is really infuriating to watch it.The viewers really don't like Siyacela.With majority claiming he is just very arrogant and selfish.If one would say he/she is on Siyacela's side then we'd definitely know that they are not okay because there is no ways.Siyacela even takes the poor girl's banking card and he goes and buys cars but can't even buy food for her.The show will really make you angry if you watch it and take it to heart.

After Thando found out Siyacela had another girlfriend, this is what she had to say

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