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Dj Sbu is Areece fan here's the proof

Dj Sbu just posted A-reece line on Twitter I've posted the tweet below

Here are the comments from this post

Inking kaReece ziyefan zonk ingom zakh🚮🙄

Hau niqqa you don't know music A-Reece used to talk about drugs on his songs but now sings better

Music for a lifetime 🔥🔥

We see you our Legend 👊👊 you a real one I once saw you on YouTube wearing A Reece T shirt 😭😭🔥🔥🔥

Apparently you have noticed that, every time you play Reece music you be on the same jeans 🤣🤣

They're copies of what a🐐..Is  i call it Animal cloning🎶✔❤🇿🇦!!!!!!!!

It Very good to see people like @djsbu appreciating and understanding theboy's music whereas the radio and TV turn blind eye

That boy is FIRE. DJ Sbu. 

What's your take on Bitcoin this week?I say it will close above 40K again .by the end of year targeting +$65 to the moon maybe close to 100k.

A-reece posts better🥺

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