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Confirmed: Shona Ferguson has sadly passed away, see what happened.

There have been a lot of allegations going on social media today that Shona Ferguson passed away and people were scared to confirm these news until it is confirmed by the family.

News 24 has confirmed these allegations with a very close source named Conrad Mwanza who is a family representative. See the confirmation below;

The source mentioned that " Yes, Mr Ferguson passed away at noon today. And all the family is asking for at the moment is just to mourn in private. But it's very difficult, you can imagine, for Connie and the family".

Shona Ferguson has done a lot for the industry and the entertainment industry and these may be very bad times for the country as a whole. Connie Ferguson who is the wife of Shona has been posting a lot of RIPs in the past weeks but this may be a very hard one for her.

See some of the confirmation below from very trusted sources;

Rest in peace to Shona Ferguson.

Sources: [Twitter; @ENCA, @News 24, @Sunady World, @Kgopolo, @Newsroom Africa]

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