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Uzalo actor Nosipho in hot soup after this - could this be the end for her?


Nompilo Maphumulo, the Uzalo performer who takes on the role of Nosipho, finds himself in a precarious position. According to reports, this performer owes a predatory lender R25 000 or more that she had been accumulating on numerous occasions.

Sbu Ntombela, a predatory lender from Nanda, said Nompilo had been visiting him on a regular basis, wanting money since she was in a dire financial situation. Ntombela discovered that Nompilo had once told to him that they had stopped filming Uzalo sequences for some time and that they had not received any payment.

When I asked Uzalo to speak with me privately, she said she didn't have the time. She also said she would reimburse me for the money I loaned her in the future, but I know she will never do so. I'm aware that she changes jobs frequently, yet she still refuses to reimburse me for the money I gave her.

Even my mother has decided to step in and help out with this.' Ntombela stated as much. As a result of COVID-19, Uzalo once ceased shooting, which had a significant impact on entertainers such as Nompilo. When Nompilo was contacted, she never answered her cellphone and instead communicated something specific, advising writers to contact the predatory lender for clarification.

Ntombela discovered that Nompilo had sent him a message telling him not to report the incident to the authorities if he was ever found. When Nompilo finally got to the columnist, she revealed to him that she had spoken with the predatory lender and begged that the writer not go into further detail about the situation.

'We agree with them, perhaps there was a misunderstanding between us that led to the problem contacting you.' When I chatted with them, everything was fine. My final words are these:' opined Nompilo. They won't be happy to see her on paperwork for obligations inconveniences since she is a minister for particular brands, as she referred to herself.


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