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OPINION | Amanda Du Pont and her look-alike. You will think they are related but they are not

It feels like everyone has got a person he/she looks like. Think your favorite celebrity is one in a million? Well, I hate to break it to you, but that's probably not the case. I'm taking a peek at one of the most loved female actress and the person who looks like her and that person is Amanda Du Pont.

Amanda Du pont is a Swazi-born actress who plays the role of Lelo Mthiyane on SABC 1 drama, Skeem Saam. She is originally from Manzini, Eswatini but today we are not going to focus on her biography.

I did some digging and finally found the person who looks like her. Her name is Saadia Sallie. Not much is known about Saadia Sallie, but what I know is that there's too much resemblance between her and the famous Amanda.


Saadia Sallie

Is it really possible to look just like someone you’ve never even met? Apparently, yes. It’s possible that total strangers could share as much DNA as cousins-especially if they’re both from the same area since we’re all related on some level. Some of these people may actually be distant relatives.

That also explains why you might often hear that you look just like a total stranger if you still live in the same country or area where you grew up.

Your face is one of your most unique features and is usually what people remember you for. With more than 7 billion people inhabiting our planet, it may not seem so unlikely that someone out there could resemble you.

But that uniqueness may not be entirely true as the probability of your “twin” walking around is higher than you might expect!

Look-alikes are very important because they can also help even in modeling. Creating and targeting look-alikes helps marketers to optimize campaigns: in terms of quality (a very select group of look-alikes) or quantity (a wide range of look-alikes).

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