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Road Accident

TKZee's Tokollo: How car crash left him with epileptic seizures

The group of TKZee star Tokollo Tshabalala otherwise known as "Magesh" have spoken about his set of experiences with epileptic seizures, which created from a serious cerebrum injury supported in a car accident.

The cherished Kwaito vocalist passed on Monday 15 August following an extreme seizure, guarantees his loved ones. Unbeknownst to people in general, Tokollo experienced customary seizures, which happened "frequently" leading the pack up to his demise.

The TKZee star's memorial service will happen on Friday, August 19, at the Rhema Bible Church North.


In 2001, Tokollo was engaged with a fender bender in Gabarone, Botswana which killed two individuals.

As per IOL, the TKZee star was driving an extravagance convertible German vehicle that crushed into an approaching car. Both the driver of the vehicle and a traveler in Tokollo's vehicle passed on quickly.

The star - affectionately known as "Magesh" supported serious head wounds and was taken to a neighborhood clinic in Botswana.

However, inconvenience followed after it was claimed that Tokollo ignored traffic police directions to stop. It was additionally asserted that the vehicle he was driving didn't show number plates.

Tokollo was accused of chargeable manslaughter for the passing of two individuals, and experts in Botswana did whatever it takes to remove him

He was later cleared in 2008. Discussing the mishap in 2012 during a music rebound, Tokollo told Sunday World: "I had a monkey on my back for seven entire years. I was unable to leave Johannesburg, and seeing police like clockwork of the week was not a joke."


Following his passing this week, Tokollo's family addressed News24 about his last days, and how he explored his wellbeing battles.

His sister Kutloano told the distribution: "The seizures were being made due, however at that point, over the most recent few months, they were happening more regularly.

"We were proceeding to oversee them, as we have been overseeing them, and he knew how to oversee them, in any case, this time around, he just couldn't get past the seizure, and God called him home."

Discussing his character, his sister added: "Growing up, and, surprisingly, in our advanced age, when he returned home, and there was extra food, he would eat the extra food and leave the skaftin (lunchbox) like the wolf was here.

"He was likewise the sort of individual you would converse with assuming you had issues. He was continuously able to help, bother you first, then, at that point, help you and make a joke out of it."

"I think a great many people think he was outgoing, yet he wasn't. He was a contemplative person outgoing individual, and he was a pleasant sibling and distant uncle."

She added: "My family is going through many feelings, going the entire range from shock to dissatisfaction. We were with him on Sunday - the primary call we get on a Monday is that he passed on.

"It's been dreamlike for my kin and guardians, and we continue to ask ourselves, did it truly work out; would we say we are truly wanting to express farewell to this person?".


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