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Mzansi Is Not Happy With Siya In #Ukungenwa After He Entered Into His Brother's House And Do This

Mzansi Is Not Happy With Siya In #Ukungenwa After He Entered Into His Brother's House And Do This

Sources: Hashtag #Ukungenwa twitter and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode

So this Siya enter into his late brother's wife to look after the kids. #Ukungenwa exists guys and sexual deeds will be part of it, feelings will be caught but MamChunu, should stay in her house and wait for the sexual deeds and being taken care of. Their explanation is the highest form of gaslighting. We haven't heard anything close to this. Siya look after the kids and have sex with the mother but she's not his wife. Women are not respected in this family. Women are seen as a possession.

I like that they were able to hear MaMkhize out. But were they not supposed to have this talk, after the brother's funeral. Here the family is trying to convince Mamkhize that this is not isthembu. MaMchunu will never be out of Siya's life. Mamchunu and Siya have feelings for each other now. Siya is such a pathological liar. He lies even when there’s no need. This man doesn't take accountability for anything. All that's going wrong is his fault. 

MaMkhize holding on to false with hope thinking MaMchunu will leave. The problem with most women dont know what they really want so they expose themselves to a lot to make a decision and leave with it period. Her feelings and concerns don't matter to them. I think the word "Be strong" is used to silence women in marriage to voice about abuse they are going through.

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