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Makgabo, Mpho, Precious and Mpumi, check out their recent pictures. [Manana not included of course.]

Aren't these two couples the cutest?

Manana once said how being in the show together did not mean thru were friends or that they should keeo in touch. This was interpreted by many as her bring rude and acting like the others aren't of her caliber.

These two couples have been tight since the early days of the show, they are what we could call friends that have become family. Makgabo and Mpho along with Mpumi and Precious came to the MinaNaweHouse to work on their respective relationships.

It seems they all hit it off as they were seen at each others' aid when a fight had taken place.

Can we talk about how 'woke' Mpho is?The man has had his shortcomings but, can we acknowledge how he is one man who treats everyone the same irregardless of their sexuality or gender?

From everyone else from the cast of the show, only Makgabo and Mpho attended Mpumi and Precious' wedding.

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