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"I want to have the biggest cheeks in the world!"

"I have the biggest cheeks in the world!"

Anastasia, a well known instagram model has gotten countless surgeries on her cheeks to make herself look more attractive. When she was 26 years old, Anastasia pointed out that she wasn't pretty enough, and wanted to change her look completely.

Her transformation begun with her lips, there after, she never counted how many surgeries she had to transform her face. Not only were the procedures painful, Anastasia spent almost $2000 to have them done.

Anastasia's doctor (who wanted to shed some light on her cosmetic situation) deemed Anastasia a self sufficient person who's responsible for the decisions she makes.

"When she feels like she doesn't want them anymore, she can remove them" says Katia, her cosmetologist.

Anastasia before survey vs now

Anastasia is personally not bothered by her larger than life cheeks, if anybody happens to judge them, she tells them off and moves on. Regardless of the judgements she receives from strangers, Anastasia's friends stand strongly by her side, encouraging her to get more procedures.

On Instagram, Anastasia doesn't shy away from showing her followers the realistic side of surgery, she claims she dislikes sugar coating her life and wants to show people her real story.

Credit: Instagram

Anastasia doesn't stop there, there are many procedures she looks forward to getting- until she's completely satisfied with her look.

At the end, charismatic and bold Anastasia wants to walk up to the mirror and love what she sees without caring about what people think.

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