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UThando Nesthembu: The season premieres with tears

Musa Mseleku was trending alongside his latest victim on social media when his show Mnakwethu showed us the dark side of polygamy. We witnessed tears and heartbreak and it had us all questioning why polygamy is even a thing.

But tonight he was back with his own wives in an attempt to remind us.

The season started off with his first wife, MaCele in tears. But it's not what you think! They were not fighting, she was lamenting the recent death of her mother. An understandable sore spot.

But their talk as they sat in the restaurant made me laugh. Having to split time between wives and such seems like such a luxurious problem to have! Her wanting him to come on specific days made them both laugh and that was probably one of the few wholesome moments of the episode, rivalled only by the kids!

However, like last season, maCele brought up the lack of unity in the family and it seems to be something she's really passionate about. We later see her gathering the wives to have dinner and plan his birthday party, where discord is clearly there.

But it really stuck out to me that years into having these relationships with his wives, he is still unable to bring them together. The appeal of polygamy is having a large family. He has said this time and time again and yet his failure to bring about some unity is very telling.

It gives me the impression that beyond what we see on the show, there is no effort on his side to make this possible. I imagine it's not easy having to share a husband and naturally, feelings of contempt may arise, but being able to overlook that for family is something women who are happy, would be able to do. Maybe his wives just are not happy? MaNgwabe certainly isn't.

She wasn't holding back when confronting her husband about his grievances, that seem to stem from her wanting to better herself. I cannot claim to know the inside of their marriage, but from the outside, it looks as though she is slowly but surely detaching herself from him emotionally and physically.

Is this what Mseleku wants to show us? A home that is torn into four different and conflicting pieces?

What do you think of uThando Nes'thembu?

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