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Isencane Lengane: Viewers Frustrated with Siyacela

A year into their marriage, things are not going as planned for Thando and Siyacela. Siyacela has dropped out of high school and spends his days sleeping and thinking about polygamy, while his wife, is still going to school chasing after her dream to become a social worker.

It had been frustrating for viewers when the show started to watch two teenagers getting married but with the start of season 2, things started to get worse.

Recently Siyacela started seeing another girl and has made it known that he will be taking a second wife. Viewers have been upset with his decision as Siyacela dropped out of school and is not even looking for work, he and his wife depend on his father. One view posted on Twitter that "#isencaneLengane How is Siyacela gonna afford two wives ? While he's dependent on his father financially".

Another posted that, "Please discipline you kids so they don’t end up like Siyacela 🙏🏽 #IsencaneLengane"

While others saw Siyacela as an insecure boy, "Proof that insecure boys will seek for vengeance through any, ANY other woman that will inflate his ego, then call it love. Siyacela would rather make Thando compete for his affection improve his life.


One viewer was so frustrated and asked who will go with them to help Thando pack her bags as they are tired of the way Siyacela has been treating her. Most are hoping for Thando to pass her Matric and leave Siyacela and go make her dreams a success. 

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