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These Comrade Memes Will Leave You Laughing And Rolling On The Floor


Over the past several weeks, if you've been online, you've probably seen a meme featuring a hideous green frog making a hideous face. The Pepe the Frog meme, which was first popularized by Africans, has been renamed "Comrade" on the TL. I've decided to ask folks what they think about this new meme given all the controversy surrounding its use.Love It/Hate It ?

Theses are what some people think about comrade memes. What do you think?

Ajoke — “The meme is for bullies. Periodt.”

When you call someone out on their BS, they prefer to act like they're brand new. These memes have been used to downplay misogyny, queerphobia, sexual assault and harassment, and any other useless phobias.

People are now publicly asserting that we don't want "poor" people to enjoy themselves now that we've recognized it for what it is. You are not a victim in this situation; if you want to attack someone on social media, do it with your chest.

It's actually not that deep, Jeremiah said.

First off, I don't laugh at the memes. Having said that, I believe that people are overreacting. Every meme has been misappropriated, and this is hardly the first instance. Unlook at these and continue if you don't find them amusing. Everyone is doing fine in the very end. There is no justification for somebody to write a thesis upon an idiotic meme. It's not all that deep, actually.

Bello: "Women detest seeing happy men. That's how easy it is.

You'll notice that the women on the timeline are the ones complaining about the meme the most. How do you interpret homophobia and misogyny in a meme? The truth is, you'll probably discover something if you seek for it, and I believe that's what's occurring here. Just a lot of resentment, and for what? But like Buju said, “No come use your reggae to spoil my blues and rhythm now.”

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