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Black Coffee Finally Shows His Other Hand

Black Coffee Finally Shows His Other Hand

Date: 2022/03/18

Nkosinathi Maphumulo finally shows his other hand in a picture on Twitter, it was rumored that his left hand is disabled that is why he always put it in his pocket and he never let anyone see it unless they were very close to him. Coffee is a brilliant guy, he has proved to a lot of people that he is the best house DJ of all time in South Africa, the man only uses one hand to do his craft.

He was an outcast most of his life, and it happened when he lost the use of his hand when he was just a kid, the all he did was he stayed home and learned how to DJ in the process after there was nothing else he could do, now he is traveling the world non stop getting a lot of money because he persisted.

Nkosinathi has two children with Mbalenhle Mlotshwa Maphumulo who is always angry that the DJ always puts his career first over his family, so she tries, by all means, to go to the internet and discredit him talk about how he is an abuser and forgot to pay his child support that is why she and the children usually have not electricity when Nkosinathi is overseas.

Black Coffee @ Salle Wagram in Paris, France for Cercle - YouTube

He is now no longer afraid to show his other hand to the people, he has decided to be shameless and Twitter is surprised that he can do that, people do not like it when other people can see their weakness.

Black Coffee inspired a lot of people in South Africa and worldwide, the man did not let the handicap stop what he was trying to do, he used it as an advantage now to become the best just like Oscar Pretorius who was one of the fasted blade runners in the world, even when you are a Dj you usually get told that you need both hands, but Coffee can do with just one. 


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